From The Founder

Steven Montgomery, the founder of That 1 Painter, discovered a passion for painting at a young age. Steven, the son of a professional painter, would often help his dad with painting jobs after school. He decided to continue learning long after his father retired from the paint business. While in college, Steven would borrow his father’s old equipment and help paint homes for his realtor mother and her colleagues’ clients.

In 2011, Steven decided to leave college and his day job to pursue his calling: entrepreneurial business. He created his company, That 1 Painter, which in the early years, was him and a couple of hired friends painting homes together. Now, That 1 Painter is the fastest-growing painting franchise in the nation.

Today, Steven’s goals have expanded with the launch of ResiBrands as the parent of That 1 Painter and the newly introduced franchise, Garage Up. With a goal of 120 territories for That 1 Painter and 20 territories at a minimum for Garage Up in 2023. Steven Montgomery refuses to take his foot off the gas and will do anything to achieve his company and team goals. Steven Montgomery, now partnered with cousin and lifelong friend Allan Alarcon, is building the nation’s greatest home service brands, with even more brands soon to come.

Montgomery shared his big-picture plans with professional colleges at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, and most doubted his vision, some laughed, and few said it was RIDICULOUS. With that came the goal for ResiBrands in 2023. The ResiBrand only sets ridiculously high goals and nothing less; if we reach our goals, we celebrate; if we don’t, try again and set the bar higher! Big Goals = Big Wins.

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