That 1 Painter Boulder

Boulder Couple Celebrates Their Launch of That 1 Painter Boulder, CO

One of the things I want people to know about me and my business is that we prioritize quality, reliability, and community impact in everything we do.

Peter Johnson

With 20 years of experience in owning a live music venue in the area, Peter Johnson is now looking towards a new avenue of entrepreneurship. With the launch of his That 1 Painter franchise in Boulder, Colorado, Johnson hopes to bring a sense of pride with each job. He knows that being hired for to work on a project in someone’s home is to be a house guest, he intends to be the best house guest his customers will ever have.

Peter Johnson and Dana Scritchfield | Owners of That 1 Painter Boulder, CO

As a passionate entrepreneur, Peter Johnson and Dana Scritchfield launch their That 1 Painter franchise to help elevate their options to give back to the community that has given so much to them. Johnson has the belief that by providing quality painting services and employing local residents, he can help support the local economy and create opportunities for others in the Boulder area. He is also looking forward to giving back through volunteer work as well as with the That 1 Painter Paint it Forward program.

Contributing to That 1 Painter Boulder’s Success

Johnson is working with his girlfriend, Dana Scritchfield and together they have the ultimate goal of creating a business that not only provides excellent services but also has a positive impact on the people and places around them. They’re committed to building strong relationships with businesses in the are, believing that if they are able to work together they can help create a stronger and more vibrant community for everyone.

Services Peter Johnson Uses to Build Revenue:

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