That 1 Painter Georgetown

From Landscaping to Home Improvement – That 1 Painter Georgetown’s New Location Manager

Michael Lugar lives in Central Texas with his wife, daughter and two dogs. He knew that making the change to becoming a Location Manager for one of That 1 Painter’s corporate locations was perfect with him. Lugar shows a sense of pride in being part of a community and providing quality products and services for the betterment of Georgetown and surrounding communities.

Michael Lugar – Location Manager of That 1 Painter Georgetown

His passion for helping others helped him start up a landscaping and outdoor design company, which he managed for three years. He also comes from a marketing background and intends to put that into use to elevate That 1 Painter Georgetown. His background in outdoor design makes him the perfect person to have when looking for new ideas for how to modernize a space. 

Contributing to That 1 Painter Georgetown’s Success

Lugar’s drive and commitment to ensuring his customers have the best possible experience with That 1 Painter is what sets him apart from the crowd. His belief is that That 1 Painter Georgetown can positively affect its surrounding communities is by working together with other local businesses. Having his professional background as a foundation That 1 Painter Georgetown is prepared for success.

Services Michael Lugar Uses to Build Revenue:

… and much more!