That 1 Painter Irving – Carrollton Launches Near You! Meet Location Manager Joshua Garcia.

Meet location manager Joshua Garcia, a fresh face at That 1 Painter Irving-Carrolton but no stranger to the art of painting. With a decade of hands-on experience working alongside his father-in-law in Dallas, Joshua has cultivated a genuine passion for transforming spaces and building lasting connections with homeowners. Painting is not just a job for him; it’s a craft he takes pride in.

In addition to his ten years of painting expertise, Joshua brings five years of seasoned Project Management experience in both home renovation and painting projects. His extensive background equips him with a keen eye for detail and a holistic understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering top-notch results.

Joshua’s primary objective is clear: to deliver impeccable artistry and unparalleled customer service to the vibrant community of Irving-Carrollton. His commitment extends beyond a mere transaction; he aims to create enduring relationships with every homeowner he serves. With Joshua, you’re not just getting a painter – you’re gaining a dedicated professional devoted to enhancing your living space and exceeding your expectations.

Becoming A Project Manager – Joshua Garcias Take the Dallas Area With That 1 Painter Irving – Carrollton. 

Immersed in the home services industry and distinguished as an expert painter, Joshua Garcia identified a void in the residential improvement market – a need for quality, responsible house painting services. Recognizing himself as the ideal candidate to bridge this gap, Joshua is driven by the mission to bring your home vision to life through exceptional customer service and superior results. When seeking a painter in your neighborhood, That 1 Painter Irving-Carrollton stands ready to execute your dream home vision.

Beyond his commitment to craftsmanship, Joshua profoundly believes in giving back to the community. Paint it Forward is one of the ways he channels his business for positive impact, uplifting the local economy by generating new job opportunities for painters in the area. That 1 Painter Irving-Carrollton is your ally in enhancing living spaces, offering a comprehensive range of 18 different home services, from interior painting to meticulous drywall repair.

Away from the canvas of home improvement, Joshua finds joy in spending quality time with his family, nurturing lifelong relationships within his community, and indulging in activities like disc ball, football, and regular workouts. With Joshua at the helm, That 1 Painter Irving-Carrollton is not just a painting service; it’s a commitment to transforming homes and enriching the fabric of the community.


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Look no further than That 1 Painter Irving-Carrollton! Joshua Garcia will work diligently with their crew to ensure your project is shown the care it deserves. To schedule your free estimate with That 1 Painter Irving-Carrollton, please fill out this form or call (214)501-5791!