A&M Alumni Launches Women-Owned That 1 Painter Bryan College Station

“My father was always the entrepreneur. Now that my kids are grown and I am venturing out on my own, I am excited to continue his spirit. He is the reason I have this opportunity.”

Jennifer Schoepflin T1P Bryan – College Station

Jennifer Schoepflin | Owner of That 1 Painter Bryan – College Station

Jennifer Schoepflin is a driven and emerging entrepreneur who is opening her woman-owned franchise of That 1 Painter Bryan-  College Station. Having graduated from Texas A&M it just made sense to provide for the community that made her the person she is today. Her interests in DIY projects, experience in sales after college, as well as experience with other That 1 Painter franchises gives her a unique look and experience with the brand. To Jenn, customer satisfaction is paramount, she understands the needs of those who want to give their spaces a new breath of life. Her attention to detail and ability to listen to the wants and needs of her customers will be what will make That 1 Painter Bryan – College Station thrive.

Contributing to That 1 Painter Bryan – College Station’s Success

Jennifer Schoepflin, Owner of That 1 Painter Bryan-College Station: “Customer satisfaction is paramount; I want to earn a 5 star reputation through working hand in hand with my clients and my painters to ensure quality and timely jobs. I was most inspired to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to build something for me and my family, and I chose That 1 Painter because of the level of integrity, diligence and generosity they stand for.” 

Services Jennifer Uses to Build Revenue:

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