That 1 Painter Louisville

That 1 Painter Louisville Officially Launches with Aaron White as Owner Operator

Aaron White has officially launched his That 1 Painter Louisville franchise. Aaron is a native Texan who moved to Louisville for school where he met his wife. Having stayed in the community he was placed in a position where he was enabled to put down roots and start a family. He has loved every moment of being in Louisville and hopes to uplift the local economy with the launch of his That 1 Painter Louisville franchise. 

“I want to create a place to work that gives everyone involved a sense of dignity and value.” 

Aaron White, Owner of That 1 Painter Louisville

Aaron White | Owner of That 1 Painter Louisville

From real estate to business owner, White is well on his way to leaving his mark on the Louisville community. Having obtained an MDIV in Christian Ministry and planning to become a pastor, White switched gears when he became aware of the foster care crisis in the country. He and his wife worked in residential foster care as well as recruitment and training of other foster parents. 

He had truly become a mentor to other foster parents and even adopted his two oldest children during this time. He and his wife then turned to real estate ventures in order to ensure all six of their children’s needs were met. Over the years they have learned that good business is “simply serving people well, whatever their need is.”

In the simplest form, I want to serve people in my community by giving them a painting renovation experience that is not a nightmare and adds as little stress as possible to their lives.

Aaron White, Owner of That 1 Painter Louisville

Contributing to That 1 Painter Louisville’s Success

His compassion for the community and supporting those around him put him in a position of great importance with the launch of his franchise. Not only does he understand the importance of making a house into a home, he makes it a point to ensure every person is completely happy with the outcome of their project. His experience owning a business and working as a real estate agent have provided a solid foundation for him to build his That 1 Painter Louisville into something great.

Services Aaron White Uses to Build Revenue

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