That 1 Painter St. Louis

That 1 Painter St. Louis Franchise Launches with John Magner as Owner Operator

I would like to offer folks a professional painting contractor in which their home will be cared for and they will be treated with respect and honesty.

John Magner, Owner of That 1 Painter St. Louis

John Magner has officially launched his That 1 Painter St. Louis franchise and the future is bright. With his twelve years of experience in residential remodeling, Magner knows the importance of a quality job. His goal with his That 1 Painter franchise is to offer his community a reliable professional that they know they can trust. 

John Magner | Owner of That 1 Painter St. Louis

With his background in home remodeling, he has worked in several different positions around the home from roofing to siding, and even with windows and gutters. Magner understands that a home requires quality work and aims to provide the highest quality jobs he can on each project. By treating his customers with the upmost respect and helping them see that he genuinely cares about their project, he know That 1 Painter St. Louis will make a difference. 

That 1 Painter St. Louis is all about delivering an exceptional experience to homeowners who are in need of a great painting experience.

John Magner, Owner of That 1 Painter St. Louis

Contributing to That 1 Painter St. Louis’s Success

As a native to the area, he is ready to create further partnerships with local realtors, interior designers, moving companies, and many more in similar fields. By working with local businesses he is able to ensure his community is well taken care of when it comes to home paint and repair services. He is excited about this opportunity and being able to take ownership of something that he will be proud of for years to come. 

Services John Magner Uses to Build Revenue

… and much more!