That 1 Painter Atlanta

Georgia Native Launches That 1 Painter Atlanta Franchise

AJ Lotspeich’s background in business has proved him with a solid foundation to jump into the position of being a franchise owner. With the launch of That 1 Painter Atlanta, Lotspeich is now able to bring his vision into reality. He has the belief that something as simple as a paint job can truly create a magical moment for anyone in a positive light. He plans on leading with empathy and meeting people where they are to make an impact on his local community.

AJ Lotspeich | Owner of That 1 Painter Atlanta

His excitement and experience with business give him an excellent starting point, Lotspeich is ready to become close to his community. With the launch of his That 1 Painter franchise, he hopes to bring beauty and joy to those around him while also helping to boost the local economy by bringing new jobs. 

We’re not in the painting business, we’re in the people business. That 1 Painter Atlanta is a relationship-focused business that puts the customer first and strives to be the best house guest you’ve ever had!

AJ Lotspeich, Owner of That 1 Painter Atlanta

Contributing to That 1 Painter Atlanta’s Success

Lotspeich is an alumnus of the University of West Georgia, where he received a degree in business. Shortly after graduating, he began his professional career working as an Assistant Project Manager for a real estate and construction company. He found that he wanted to shift his career, his focus now moving towards IT Staffing and Consulting. He had spent over 5 years in the industry before deciding to own a That 1 Painter franchise. 

Services AJ Lotspeich Uses to Build Revenue

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