From T1P Project Manager To Owner & Operator of That 1 Painter Cypress – Katy

My goal is to change lives one paint project at a time alongside my brilliant wife, Deborah. Repainting and customizing a home is a truly fulfilling experience, and we always look forward to seeing the customer’s reaction to our finished work. I’m honored to be a part of such a talented team of professionals.”

– Damen Carlson That 1 Painter Cypress – Katy

Damen Carlson | Owner of That 1 Painter Cypress – Katy

With his 36 years in the home services industry, franchise owner Damen Carlson has made plans to leave a positive stamp on the community of Cypress – Katy by renewing the living spaces of each resident, one home, one neighborhood at a time.
Damen is a devoted husband and business partner to his wife, Deborah Carlson. This dedicated husband and wife team hopes to create a loyal culture with their That 1 Painter Franchise. The Carlsons are ready to build nurturing connections and deliver dependability in their craftsmanship. After training in That 1 Painter‘s systems, they believe anything is possible with a comprehensive business strategy and the ongoing support they have received from That 1 Painter!

Contributing to That 1 Painter Cypress – Katy’s Success

That 1 Painter’s training and marketing systems are giving Damen an edge over the competition in an exploding market. By working hand-in-hand with his Coaching Team at T1P, Damen was able to schedule jobs right off the bat of launching his franchise. He got to work building a team of painters who were able to complete projects on time and fully up to That 1 Painter’s standards of excellence.

Services Damen Uses to Build Revenue:

…and much more!