T1P Dream Team Trio Launch That 1 Painter Galveston County

We are so pumped to launch our That 1 Painter franchise
in the Galveston County. 
As a team, we are ready to connect
with our neighbors 
and transform the beautiful homes in the area.”
– Chad Fancher, Hunter Estes, & Dylan Walker T1P Galveston County


Chad Fancher, Hunter Estes, & Dylan Walker | Owners of That 1 Painter Galveston County

Chad Fancher, Hunter Estes, & Dylan Walker are three companions that are nowhere near rookies in the That 1 Painter Franchise space. With locations in Texas, Louisiana, and soon-to-be Tennessee, these hard-working professionals will strive for nothing less than victory in their business development goals. Chad Fancher, one of the first franchise owners in the That 1 Painter space, has launched five separate territories independently and as a team with Dylan Walker & Hunter Estes. With this dream team trio, you will receive exceptional craftsmanship and top tear customer experiences. These are the type of individuals that leave a lasting impression with every connection they make along the way.


Contributing to That 1 Painter Galveston County’s Success

That 1 Painter’s training and marketing systems have allowed Chad, Hunter, and Dylan to leap forward in the competitive home services market. With this team’s experience in the franchise space, they will put themselves ahead in every aspect. These three owners’ desire to serve the community with nothing less of excellence is truly inspiring. This team will be the one to watch leading into 2023. Galveston County, watch out! You have That 1 Painter coming your way!

Services Chad Uses to Build Revenue:

…and much more!