That 1 Painter Woodlands

Woodlands Native Launches That 1 Painter Woodlands Franchise

Cody Foster has officially launched his That 1 Painter Woodlands franchise. He brings extensive sales and home improvement experience that will help him tailor his work with That 1 Painter to uplift his local community. Along with his young family, he hopes to build a business known for being kind, on time, and providing the best services possible.

Cody Foster | Owner of That 1 Painter Woodlands

As a Houston native, Cody knows the area well and understands the importance of further uplifting his community. He is excited to bring That 1 Painter into his hometown and help beautify the area one project at a time. He began working with his father with framing houses at construction sites and witnessed firsthand how a quality home came together from the ground up.

I would love to be able to support local schools and churches in their fundraising efforts and to be able to provide painting services to people and nonprofit organizations that are in need.

Cody Foster, Owner of That 1 Painter Woodlands

Contributing to That 1 Painter Woodland’s Success

Foster’s extensive background in both home improvement and sales will help elevate his Woodlands business. From the beginning of his professional career, he knew how imperative it is to use quality supplies and provide the best quality job. Working alongside his community and utilizing That 1 Painter’ Paint It Forward program to also give back to a family or business in need helped fuel his drive to become a business owner. His goal to help Woodlands homeowners not only plan, but achieve their dream homes with his help is what drives his passion.

Services Cody Foster Uses to Build Revenue

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