That 1 Painter Knoxville

Best Friends Officially Launch Their That 1 Painter Knoxville Franchise

With the launch of That 1 Painter Knoxville, Caden Hill and Adam Bumpus are excited to get started on their new opportunity that they see as a chance to change not just their lives, but of those around them as well.

That 1 Painter’s team really impressed me with their culture and values. I’m confident in the team and trust that they will do everything possible to help us grow a successful business

Adam Bumpus

Caden Hill & Adam Bumpus | Owners of That 1 Painter Knoxville

Caden Hill and Adam Bumpus have officially launched their joint venture of That 1 Painter Knoxville. Having been friends in college they knew they would work well together when it came down to their professional career. Having been driven by their community and their backgrounds, they want to find a way to give back in a way that can also help beautify the Knoxville area.

Contributing to That 1 Painter Knoxville’s Success

As a current franchise owner of That 1 Painter Chattanooga, Adam is able to guide Caden through this joint venture. The two of them are excited to take part in That 1 Painter’s Paint it Forward program as an extra treat to give back to their community. Once a year, Sherwin-Williams and them will get together to paint the home or business of someone in need. They look forward to building great local partnerships and watching the fantastic change they can bring to the area.

Services Caden and Adam Use to Build Revenue:

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