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Army Veteran Launches That 1 Painter Raleigh, NC

Here with That 1 Painter Raleigh, we’ll bring the excitement to your project, as well as the prestige.

Deon Shearn

Deon Shearn, a 29-year-old veteran, has served in many management capacities in leadership within his professional career. Shearn has stepped towards a legacy business with the launch of That 1 Painter – Raleigh, NC. His passion for launching his That 1 Painter franchise stems from wanting to build something he knows he can proudly show his daughter the entrepreneurial spirit.

Deon Shearn | Owner of That 1 Painter Raleigh

Passing on the legacy and knowing he’s making such a difference within the community and knowing he will be able to leave a lasting mark. He’s excited to be setting an example for his daughter and showing her an entrepreneurial spirit, and becoming such an active part of the community “It’s one thing to lead your home, it’s another to lead your community.”

Contributing to That 1 Painter Raleigh’s Success

Shearn’s drive stems from his wife and daughter, who are his constant reminder to him of his desire to improve his community. His logistics and procurement management background can help elevate his That 1 Painter franchise to the next level. He was drawn into franchising with That 1 Painter as he immediately felt high support and openness.

For the growth of his franchise, Shearn wants those around his community to know that he is genuinely there to care about his impact within Raleigh.

I want people to know that I understand the best way to lead my community is to serve my community, and that’s why I’m an entrepreneur.

Deon Shearn, Owner of That 1 Painter Raleigh

Services the Deon Shearn Uses to Build Revenue:

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