Central San Antonio Couple Expands Painting Franchise

 “We feel that we can bring help to under-serviced areas that have been taken advantage of by underperforming painting companies with our knowledge gained through over 15 years of experience, that saw solutions to thousands of clientele.”

Cristina & Joe Valdez | Owners of That 1 Painter San Antonio

Current owners and operators of That 1 Painter Central San Antonio are broadening their horizons to include more of the San Antonio area. Their passion for updating the spaces of their community has helped them gain further experience to now offer their services to a larger area. The now newly renamed That 1 Painter San Antonio power couple Cristina and Joe Valdez are excited for this new step, having started at Sherwin Williams in their careers, they’re able to take their 15+ years of experience to help a larger community. Having launched their That 1 Painter franchise in 2022, they knew there was always room for growth and the time has finally come.

Contributing to That 1 Painter San Antonio’s Success

Having 25+ years of combined experience, their expertise in the industry matches up perfectly with That 1 Painter. They even go as far as explaining how imperfections in a paint job comes from improper application rather than the paint being used. Their expansion of the That 1 Painter San Antonio franchise will be a welcome addition to the community and they can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Services Joe & Cristina Use to Build Revenue:

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