University of Tennessee Alumni Launches That 1 Painter Franchise

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to introduce That 1 Painter to Chattanooga. It will be my first opportunity to own a business, and I’m looking forward to building great local partnerships and sharing what I learn throughout the journey.”

Adam Bumpus | Owner of That 1 Painter Chattanooga

With his previous experience in sales and supply chain management, Adam Bumpus is now the owner of the That 1 Painter Chattanooga franchise! His hopes for the franchise as a first time business owner is to bring an opportunity to build great local partnerships and share what he learns throughout this journey. Having gone to University of Tennessee, he always pulls for The Big Orange and wants to help beautify the state, starting with Chattanooga. 

Contributing to That 1 Painter – Chattanooga’s Success

Having moved to Chattanooga in 2021 from Atlanta, Georgia, Adam fell in love with the community and wanted to find a way to give back. “We look forward to serving homeowners in the community and earning a reputation as one of the top service providers in the area.” With his background in business, we know Adam Bumpus will go far!

Services Adam Uses to Build Revenue:

… and much more!