That 1 Painter - Nashville

College Friends Launch Their That 1 Painter Nashville Franchise

JD Skipworth, Caden Hill, and Adam Bumpus are excited to launch their That 1 Painter Nashville franchise. The trio were roommates in college and they are looking to take on the adventure that is the rapid growth in Nashville. Their drive and passion to give back to their community is what is keeping them going to establish their That 1 Painter Nashville franchise.

JD Skipworth, Caden Hill, & Adam Bumpus | Owners of That 1 Painter Nashville

Being part of a team owning a franchise can only help these friends as they have each other to fall back on, and be their support team. They are also helped by That 1 Painter’s excellent coaching team, in house appointment center, and marketing team.

I am excited to grow, build relationships, and serve. When I get to connect with someone that is challenging and makes an impact on the community, that’s the sweet spot for me

JD Skipworth

Contributing to That 1 Painter Nashville’s Success

Skipworth brings in 6 years of being a middle school educator, and some time being in business development for a construction tech company. The fact that he is able to grow professionally with the company and the strong culture of serving the community is what drew him towards That 1 Painter initially. He is looking to impact his community by helping others realize their vision for the city as their growth continues. 

Services Caden, Adam, and JD Use to Build Revenue:

… and much more!