Family of Entrepreneurs Launches Their That 1 Painter – NW Indiana Franchise

“I want to make a lasting impact on as many homes and people as possible. I hope to be able to help families that are in need with our paint it forward program. I also want to lift our community up by having people take pride in their homes and properties.”

Adam Myers

Phil, Janet, & Adam Myers | Owners of That 1 Painter – NW Indiana

Phil, Janet, and Adam Myers are a family that is committed to bringing fantastic painting services to the community through their That 1 Painter North West Indiana business. Adam is the leading partner in their business venture, engaging with customers and painters while managing the day-to-day operations. Phil & Janet are in semi-retirement mode, but offer support to Adam, and they are his biggest fans and cheerleaders!

Contributing to That 1 Painter – NW Indiana’s Success

Together their goal is to make this community as beautiful on the outside as its people are on the inside. They want to help you maintain and beautify your property while also promoting job growth in the area. Please reach out to them with any and all questions – “we are here for you, Porter and LaPorte Counties!” We cannot wait to see the good you’ll bring to your community, Myers Family!

Services the Myers Family Uses to Build Revenue:

… and much more!