That 1 Painter Conroe

Former General Manager for Launches That 1 Painter Conroe

Jesse Ortega, a former General Manager for That 1 Painter San Marcos, has officially launched his own That 1 Painter franchise in Conroe! Ortega has been working for That 1 Painter as a painter for nearly four years and is ready to put his expertise to work as the That 1 Painter Conroe franchise owner.

I’m excited to bring you the quality of paint, quality of work, and guarantee you a quality job when we’re through with your project!

Jesse Ortega

Jesse Ortega | Owner of That 1 Painter Conroe

Having been a painter and a General Manager, Ortega came from a background where he knew what customers liked and how to execute projects correctly the first time around. When the opportunity came for him to become a franchise owner, he knew he had to take it. He has always loved what he did for a living, and being a painter for over a decade, he knew he could bring quality painting projects to the community.

Contributing to That 1 Painter Conroe’s Success

In his personal life, Ortega has a strong goal of giving back to his community, and by opening his new franchise, he intends to do just that. With That 1 Painter’s Paint it Forward program, franchisees team up with Sherwin-Williams and paint the home or business of a family or a local business in need. He intends to also work with local business owners, realtors, and builders to ensure that the community at large can be cared for by That 1 Painter Conroe.

Services Jesse Ortega Use to Build Revenue:

… and much more!