Fort Bend County Couple Launches That 1 Painter – Fort Bend County

“We want people to know that we value relationships with our customers and our staff.  We want to provide a quality service and do so in a joyful manner, eliminating the stress sometimes brought on when work is performed in someone’s home.”

Scott Lofgren

Scott & Wendy Lofgren | Owners of That 1 Painter – Fort Bend County

Scott and Wendy Logren have been married since 1998, and have worked in varying areas of expertise. From Scott’s background working in a golf course in Fort Myers, Florida where he met his wife Wendy. To being real estate investors together buying and selling homes for several years, Wendy eventually became a stay-at-home mom and has homeschooled their children. After visiting That 1 Painter’s home offices for a Discovery Day, and feeling as though all of the puzzle pieces were coming together perfectly, Scott spoke with Wendy about opening their location. “We feel like we’ve been led to this opportunity… This is what we are supposed to be doing and can’t wait to get this going and bring joy into people’s homes with our service!”

Contributing to That 1 Painter – Fort Bend County’s Success

For the last 15 years Scott has worked at churches as their business manager and business administrator, where he took care of facilities, technology, and finances. Their backgrounds give them a fantastic foundation for becoming the owners of That 1 Painter – Fort Bend County. They want their community to know they value their relationships with not just their customers, but their staff as well. They want to develop those relationships with those they work with to be built on a foundation of trust.

Services Scott & Wendy Use to Build Revenue

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