From T1P Project Manager to Owner – Meet German Hernandez, Owner & Operator of That 1 Painter New Braunfels

“With my That 1 Painter, I want to show my community that I am a
hard-working individual that prioritizes quality and craftsmanship.

I look forward to connecting with my neighbors and being the
ONE you call when ready to execute your dream home renovations.”

– German Hernandez | Owner of That 1 Painter New Braunfels

German Hernandez | Owner of That 1 Painter New Braunfels 

German Hernandez launched his own That 1 Painter Franchise after being a dedicated Project Manager at That 1 Painter’s corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. German’s goal was to strive to become an owner, his own boss, and pursue the American dream. With the time German has spent with That 1 Painter, he has overseen multiple projects implementing his expectations for quality into each task. Dedicating his time and effort into becoming the best in the field and continually validating that his customers are always satisfied. Your home is more than just an investment. It is a space where you create remembrances and grow. Your home is part of who you are, so we treat your home with the utmost respect. At the core of the business, German wants to create quality job opportunities for the New Braunfels community. A dedicated, hard-working individual that prioritizes quality and craftsmanship. G was born in Mexico City and proudly raised in Texas. Faith and his family are a cornerstone of his life and play a monumental role in his heart.

Contributing to That 1 Painter New Braunfels  Success

That 1 Painter’s training and marketing systems are giving German an edge over the competition in an exploding market. By working hand-in-hand with his Coaching Team at T1P, German was able to schedule jobs right off the bat of launching his franchise. He got to work building a team of painters who were able to complete projects on time and fully up to That 1 Painter’s standards of excellence.

Services German Uses to Build Revenue:

…and much more