Lifelong Friends launch That 1 Painter Houston Together

“Being a blessing is the greatest blessing. We look
forward to 
engaging in our community to give men
and women of Houston 
the opportunity to provide
for their loved ones by being a part of a 
team that
values integrity, family, and pride in their work.

– Jeremy Seiley & Jamen Stephenson T1P North Houston

Jeremy Seiley & Jamen Stephenson | Owners of That 1 Painter North Houston

Lifelong friends, Jeremy Seiley and Jamen Stephenson wanted to find a business they could run together, as a team. “We have different backgrounds, but we have in common the desire and motivation to make our own way as business partners in our community.”. 

Veteran Jeremy Seiley’s history ranges from marketing and risk management, to his 10-year period between the National Guard and Army, where he deployed to Iraq twice, while the bulk of Jamen’s career has been spent in warehouse management, in the manufacturing industry. Their combined skills have merged to form an outstanding painting business, that offers incredible attention to detail and unmatched project management.

As a teenager, Jeremy spent summers and weekends painting with his dad, so the business already held a familiarity for him, “Painting built a lot of my character, so when I discovered the painting franchise concept I knew this was the business model for me. After considering several franchises, Jamen and I met the T1P team. They felt genuine, were open to answer questions, aligned with our motivation to succeed, and felt like people we should be doing business with.” Jamen agrees, saying “At the time, T1P had only been franchising for 7 months. The enthusiasm was there; it didn’t sound like a sales pitch. The excitement was real and we gravitated towards that.”.

Contributing to That 1 Painter North Houston’s Success

That 1 Painter’s training and marketing systems have given Jeremy and Jamen a leap forward in a competitive market. Their ambition and drive propelled them through the training process, where they both took meticulous care to ensure their business started off on the right foot. Their desire to serve the community with excellence is demonstrated through their commitment to success, and to see their city succeed right along with them. Jamen tells us, “Our motivation is much more involved than simply financial. Putting ourselves in a position to add value to our community and within our own families is the driving force in this endeavor.”

Services Jeremy & Jamen Use to Build Revenue:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Limewash
  • Drywall Repair
  • Cabinet Refinishing

…and much more!